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Sustainable Building &
Alternative Construction Practices
Innovative, energy-efficient home designs, integrating sensible, time-tested construction methodologies with contemporary building technologies.

2010 Winner
Boise's Building Excellence Award

Boise straw bale house

Boise's First Passive Solar Straw Bale Home

WINNER! City of Boise 2010 Building Excellence Award - Green Building Category

Straw bale home interior straw bale house interior

Passive Solar Straw Bale Home
Summer 2010 - Boise Idaho

2010 Passive Solar Strawbale Home
Custom Infill Project
  • 80% Passive solar
  • R32 Straw bale curtain walls
  • R52 Roof insulation
  • Solar photovoltaic panels efficient enough to run well pump, super-efficient refrigerator & interior LED lighting
  • Solar hot water
  • Reused concrete (urbanite) retaining walls & masonry veneer
  • "Permaculture" (edible landscaping)

Passive Solar Straw Bale Home
2013 - Boise Idaho


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Earthcraft Construction, Inc. is a custom residential design-build firm, serving Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Mark Hixson, president of Earthcraft, designs homes specifically to his clients needs, budget and lifestyle. As a Treasure Valley residential designer and custom builder he has extensive knowledge and experience and can be trusted to provide superior service. Earthcraft is a Green Builder, Energy Star® Contractor and, under Mark Hixson's experienced leadership, was awarded a gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® for Homes Pilot Program. Each client is provided a detailed Specification Manual before any home construction initiates so that the client knows what materials, workmanship and products the home will contain. Trust Earthcraft of Boise for energy-efficient custom homes, home additions, and whole-home makeovers. Contact them today for custom home design and quality construction, and discover what their expertise can do for you. Earthcraft Construction, Inc. - Cleaner, Greener Homes!