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(Rent vs Mortgage) - Energy Savings

The long-standing reason to “buy a home vs throw money away on rent” is full of new factors to consider. The challenges now are great, the path to home-ownership much different than it was just over 10 years ago, when this argument encouraged millions of people to buy a home.

The current median home price in Idaho is $255K. In 2018 Ada County home costs rose to a record breaking $314,000.

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NetZero Starts with Passive Solar at EarthCraft Design/Build

Although there is a huge emphasis on active solar, EarthCraft focuses on “passive solar” cutting costs for the life of the home. Passive Solar is a no-brainer where you orient the house to the sun. It doesn’t cost a dime folks! Green building has economic advantages to you, all it is is orienting the house to the sun.

Our homes are designed to consume less energy to begin with, drastically reducing the need for active solar, and making the most of the many incentives for including those in home design.

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