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Join us Wednesday June 26th to tour a straw bale home in SE Boise. There’s nothing like being within the walls of one of these homes to truly get a feel for it. From there we can discuss questions that arise while we walk/talk through the process of construction.

We’ll begin at 6:30. Please RSVP for directions!


High Performance Energy Efficient Home in Eagle, Idaho

We are wrapping up a job in Eagle, which utilizes the latest in energy efficiency. Key to our design/build process we work with passive solar, advanced framing and the best in insulation methods to cut energy costs dramatically. The home we're wrapping up in Eagle includes two layers of closed cell foam to address the thermal break problem that occurs in any house. Wood transfers heat and loses of energy where studs meet the outer wall, making a typical home less energy efficient.

This project is R20 under the slab-on-grade foundation, R40 in the walls and R60 in the ceiling. Making this home air tight was part of meeting the the blower door test at framing inspection. When tested we came out with .05 total air loss in the home per hour (ACH - Air Changes Per Hour). Cool air will stay in this home with little to no additional energy needed this summer. Come winter the passive solar design will keep it warm and this air-tight design will dramatically reduce the energy needed. the R value written on your insulation indicates what it is capable of, how well it actually performs is up to the designer and builder.

Please contact us if you would like to attend the upcoming open house or meet to see it sooner!

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Talking Straw Bale at the Boise Farmer’s Market

The last two Saturday’s in May went so well at the market we plan to return once a month! This has been an excellent time to talk about straw bale home building, answer questions, share experience and participate in local business. Dates are being finalized for summer!