Straw Bale Homes


Build your home with this time-tested, renewable resource. EarthCraft Construction has built three straw bale homes in Boise, ID and the surrounding area.

Straw bale construction is proven to be energy efficient and ideal for this high-desert region. Build your custom straw bale home with locally sourced bales, passive solar design, earth based plasters, and other energy saving elements such as: on demand hot water heaters, ductless mini split heating, radiant floors, energy efficient windows, solar panels, and more.


Boise's First Passive Solar Straw Bale Home

Winner of the City of Boise's 2010 Building Excellence Award, Green Building Category

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  • Built with 240 bales of straw harvested from Meridian, ID

  • Walls 18-23" thick

  • Annual energy cost for this home: $500.00

  • Outside temperatures 54 - 95 degrees, inside it was a comfortable 69 - 74 degrees, requiring no AC unit.

  • Stucco made of dirt, sand and pigment


Custom Infill Straw Bale Project


Good insulation is the key to energy savings in new home construction. According to Energy Star “Insulation level are specified by R-Value. R-Value is a measure of insulation's ability to resist heat traveling through it. The higher the R-Value the better the thermal performance of the insulation.”

Energy Star recommends a high R-Value for new homes built in this region.

  • 80% Passive solar

  • R32 Straw bale curtain walls

  • R52 Roof insulation

  • Radiant Heat in Poured Concrete Flooring


Passive Solar Straw Bale with Loft

  • 80% Passive solar

  • R32 Straw bale curtain walls

  • R52 Roof insulation

  • Radiant Heat in Poured Concrete Flooring


Passive Solar Video Idaho home builder is using low cost techniques to save his clients thousands of dollars on their home utility expenses. Mark "Ron" Hixson with Earthcraft Construction discusses using passive solar to heat the home.

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