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You’re curious about straw bale homes and want to learn about how they come together. Join us for one of our upcoming introductory demonstration & learning workshops.


The Rabbitry at Hen & Hare microFarm


For the Family, ADU

You will learn about:

  • Passive and Active solar and how to make a home NetZero

  • The history behind the design and possible applications

  • The steps involved in designing and building with straw bale

  • How sourcing straw locally contributes to our vibrant farming community

  • How Earthen plaster works with the straw to provide excellent insulation

    Straw bale homes are time-tested. The first in the United States were constructed in Nebraska in the late 1800’s, following the advent of the hay-baler. There were no other building materials available for early farmers in that area. Some of these structures still stand today, providing excellent insulation and comfort.

    EarthCraft Design/Build is a custom green home builder, familiar with the latest in modern building techniques. Straw bale homes perform off-the-charts when it comes to energy efficiency. It is the most natural building material we use.

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Please select one (or both) workshops you would like to attend. We will email you details as soon as the building schedule is established.
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Talking straw bale at Boise Farmer’s Market

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Straw Bale Home Tours


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