Clean Building

Building Clean requires design and building decisions that minimize pollution which negatively effect the indoor health of your home environment.
By removing aspects of the home that off-gas and/or collect dust and allergens, a healthier interior environment can be achieved.

EarthCraft Construction partnered with The Healthy House Institute (HHI) in 2014 to build the educational organization’s home headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

Healthy House Institute,  GB&D Magazine

Healthy House Institute, GB&D Magazine

Healthy House Institute Headquarters

  • Certified by Energy Star and the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS

  • Energy Star® Approved Appliance and Lighting Package

  • Ductless, mini-split heat pumps — healthier and more efficient

  • Solar hot-water system, and a backup tankless water-heating unit that regulates incoming water

  • Advanced framing that provides more insulation per inch

  • Heat recovery ventilator balances saving energy through an aluminum-core transfer process while providing fresh air

  • Soy-based foam insulation, which seals potential leak points and provides a direct thermal barrier while greatly reducing VOCs compared to conventional spray-foam insulation

You can have it all... and you don’t have to spend a fortune. If the homeowners and team are willing to be disciplined and rigorous and adopt a design-build paradigm to control costs and address the vital issues of health and sustainability, it’s amazing what can be done.
— Clean Homeowner
...the key to making green homes accessible to all budgets is partnering with a design-build firm that is aware of sustainable practices but is also willing to work with clients on limited budgets.